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Roll Up, Roll Up!


We love to shop but we’d rather ride ‘The Wall of Death’ than suffer more humdrum retail experiences. The ‘House of Horrors’ that has become the UK’s High Street terrifies us.

Whilst we’ve seen a few great examples, we’ve come to the conclusion that Jack In The Boxes should be the only things that ‘Pop Up’.

Anyone whose watched Banksy’s mockumentary, ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ will understand why this place can never be a gift shop.

British Manufacturing has become a lonely ‘Ghost Train’ fuelled by the Primark effect. Sleepwalkers have traded lucky-dip barrels & fortune cookies for bargain buckets & discount dreams. They worship new superheroes General Groupon & Captain Clearance.

The Rollercoaster, also known as the information superhighway, may have made the retail world ‘Loop the Loop’ but you’ll never be able to find the sweet, sweet smell of cotton candy or buy a ‘Goldfish In A Bag’, online.

As an Independent Arts Collective, we are committed to the belief that art does real, permanent good & should be accessible to all. Some Art galleries, we feel could learn a lot from ‘Shooting Galleries’.

Tenacious Strongmen we strive to nurture & elevate fellow entrepreneurial spirits working in the Arts, Crafts, Fashion & Design Industries.

Addicted to ‘White Knuckle Rides’, our mission is to bring artistic freedom to a viable, commercial but honourable business proposition.

Oh & come to mention it, wouldn’t it be nice if we all paid more compliments & fewer credit card bills?