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Roll Up, Roll Up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Dalston?

The only way is Dalston. It’s such a diverse, vibrant & intriguing melting pot, there’s nowhere else like it on the planet. The place has a force field of nervous energy that surrounds it & anticipation fills the air, as there’s always a sense that something exciting or strange is about to happen. It’s very Tim Burton-esque but maybe that’s because...


Where does the company name originate?

It’s a childhood nickname that stuck like bubble gum. Try chewing your own name sometimes here;

I wanted something silly, as people tend to take themselves too seriously in business but now, when I’m trying to get my bank manager to take me seriously, I’m the one who looks stupid!

If you search for the term ‘Fee Fee’ in the Urban Dictionary, you’ll see things through different rose tinted spectacles… Things that aren’t quite what they appear to be have always fascinated me.


Are you related to Pepe Le Pew?

No sadly not. Although Looney Tunes should definitely be our theme tune here at HQ!


What’s the idea behind the concept?

To extract the best bits from the retail experience & infuse them with just a hint of the intoxicating Art world.


Are you open everyday?

No, on Mondays & Tuesday the shop is closed, as we’re working on new product developments in our Hackney Wick warehouse.


Do you do gift vouchers & can you wrap gifts?

Yes, we have special Circus themed gift vouchers & Jumbo our Nepalese elephant possesses a degree in making things look pretty or reassuringly expensive. (Ok, she may have some assistance from time to time, from her Bull Handler, Gunther Gebel-Williams.)


Who designed your staff uniforms & why do they glow in the dark?

We commissioned the Curious Camofleurs to design them. They don’t, our employees do.


What are your best sellers at HQ?

Baby pink cushions filled with real cotton candy. Also our ‘Kinder Sopresa’ Tea Pot is very popular, as it comes with a complimentary shot of Laughing Gas!


Can anyone join the Fee Fee La Fou Circus & if so, how?

Yes absolutely, although we have quite a rigorous selection process that involves a game of Pictionary, blindfolded. Please see the submissions section of our website for further details.


Do you work to commission & if so, what’s your daily rate?

Yes we do & our fees are calculated according to the scope of the project. Do drop us a line, if you don’t ask you’ll never know…


What has been the highlight so far?

Has to be our opening night on Halloween, in 2011. Drunk on moonshine, we dressed as Zombies & terrorized the streets of Dalston with our Monster Mash medley. We had such a smashing time that one of us ended up spending the night (of the living dead) in the local A&E department.


If you could possess just one Circus skill what would it be & why?

Tomfoolery, it’s seriously underrated but it’s very powerful artistry. I’d also love to be able to make a decent custard pie or Balloon Animal, for obvious reasons.


WOW! Great shop, have you only just opened?

No, we’ve been here for three years; you’re clearly colour blind.


Which five words best describe this place?

Colourful, Ephemeral, Hyperactive, Childish & Nauseous.