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Roll Up, Roll Up!

If Fee Fee La Fou Ran The Circus

Roll up, roll up! To the candy-striped tents,
For the zaniest feats, my ladies & gents:
For Fee Fee La Fou's voluminous show,
Shall appear unannounced, but as rapidly go,
Her travelling circus can flick like a switch,
From a parade to a neon hop-scotch pitch;
With Phileas Fogg at the very helm,
Steering the show to another realm.

The helter-skelter has more than a twist;
A chronologically-warped abyss,
Taking you forward, taking you back,
Ever relentlessly changing tack.
Observe the world from such great height,
Your fearsomest foes will run with fright;
Just taste the popcorn, hold it tight…
Then bite to set your breath alight!

And then for a trip to the Unfairground,
Where weird & wonderful props abound:
Take a dip in the lemonade pools,
But don't dwell long my innocent fools,
The strawberry fields may smell of bliss,
But life isn't fair & neither is this;
Be greedy here &, they say,
Life's tough lessons are seconds away.

Flirtatious flamingos, heard of those?
(A Brazilian band that nobody knows)
Or the Aurameleon Cotton Candy? 
A three-course meal on a stick is handy;
Especially one that reads your mood,
& tastes of the ultimate comfort food
Like pigs in blankets, my oh my…
Potato kisses & cuddle pie.

So with your belly contently full,
Head for the Hypnotic Hall,
Where the mirrors hold subjective dangers,
Shouting comments at passing strangers!
But funny reflections conceal a magic,
Which could be joyous or equally tragic:
Erasing our negative attributes,
& making us good to our very roots.

Behold the invisible House of Fun,
From room to room you'll want to run,
For fun gets funner & hearts will sing,
As they enter a food-fight fit for a king.
Or watching the Human Cannonball's act,
When he's fired from an old school Laundromat
Into a pool of tears from above,
Shed for Pierrot's one true love.

Later, beware the Klu Klux Klowns,
Whose painted smiles & jaded frowns
Betray their motives after dark,
By causing mayhem through the park.
But whilst your day draws to a close,
Know that you've been to the greatest of shows
And nobody knows where it's heading to,
Except the ringmaster, Miss Fee Fee La Fou.