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Roll Up, Roll Up!



Wanted Carpet Clowns, Performing Sealions, Gazoonies & Grenade Throwers.

If think you’ve got what it takes to be a Monday Man or a Night Rider then please do step along this way.

Cowardly Lions, Grumpy Gorillas & One Man Bands need not apply.

The vacancy for a Human Pincushion has now been filled.

Please don’t let our Dr Seussical job descriptions above put you off, as we’d really love to hear from anyone who thinks they might like to join our Circus. Although being comfortable in comical footwear is a mandatory requirement for all suitable candidates.

If you would like to make a speculative application for an internship at HQ or a more permanent role, then please send us a copy of your CV & a brief covering letter divulging your ‘Circus’ skills** & relevant experience to

Alternatively please feel free to call us on 020 7249 1238.

**Only joking, we’re not a real Circus, so there’s no need to impress us with your amateur juggling skills at interview, we promise!