The Cake Bakers Meet The Dream Makers

The Cake Bakers Meet The Dream Maker

Fee has always had a craving for curious confectionery, so this collaboration with Choccywoocydoodah was pretty damn sweet.

The title of this edible feast was 'Kitsch Me Quick'. This cake was inspired by my Oma's Hummel Figure collection, Jean-Honore Fragonard's saturated paintings & Ron Campbell's surreal, animated sequences for the Beatles Yellow Submarine Video.

Each tier of cake had a different but delicious flavor. The bottom layer was a Jamaican rum & ginger cake with a vanilla buttercream filling, whilst the second layer assaulted your taste buds with a fresh burst of citrus lemon cake & orange marmalade.

The piece was delicately sculpted from solid, white chocolate & embellished with hand painted, edible glitter.

This decadent 3-tier cake stood at 105cm tall. The cake base was 60cm in diameter.