Introducing the fanciful Fee Fee La Fou. A human embodiment of a rainbow. The girl with kaleidoscope eyes, go faster stripes & neon blood coursing through her veins. She wears her heart on her sleeve & smiles every single day; because her mother always told her that this is the best way to lull your enemies into a false sense of security.

Fee often dreamt of joining the circus but she ran away to Art School instead. When no one's watching she loves to make things; playful mischief, beautiful objects & big mistakes. Fee strives to find magic in the mundane. She enjoys doing things that she really shouldn't do, she also likes to tell a tall tale or two. Forget no nonsense, Fee's bittersweet funscapes & scarytales are often heart-felt pleas for more nonsense.

Her work is inspired by some of her favourite things; Aesop's Fables, repeat, hynotic pattern, Circus Memorabilia, edible Wallpaper, cruel or unrequited Love, Rococo Baroque & all forms of Camouflage.

She is fascinated by exploring how the environments we inhabit shape us, examining social critiques on the judgment of taste & questioning how malevolent relationships affect the human condition. Fee prides herself on her exceptionally good 'bad' taste & collects kitsch mementos, which have now led her to open her very own Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Try as she might, she is completely incapable of doing one thing at a time.

Most of her ambitions are inspired by Picasso's mission in life "to prove that one can be successful, in spite of everything & everyone, without compromising oneself."

Fee works in the Rose Red Empire otherwise known as Hackney Wick. She lives & moonlights at Fee Fee La Fou HQ in deepest, darkest Dalston.

So come daydream along with Fee, for she believes that together, the best is yet to be...