In celebration of our second birthday, this All Hallow's Eve,
We've got something rather special up our sleeve.

Enter our haunted house, if you dare
Join us for tomfoolery in the storyteller's lair.

Enjoy enchanting tales of wonder from Slavic folklore,
Then discover what lurks beneath the secret trap door!

As is customary at this particular time of year, in October 2013 we organized a spooky storytelling event, designed to give attendees goose bumps the size of bloodshot eyeballs.

The afternoon's entertainment was provided by Xanthe Gresham who speaks like a woman spitting semi precious jewels from her mouth.

Guests were treated to a culinary Odyssey by gastronomer Connie Viney. Her beautiful, rainbow cake had more layers than there are mattresses in Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale about the Princess & the Pea! Each tier was covered in brightly coloured flowers & delicate 'Day of the Dead' sugar skulls. On top of this edible feast sat a red & white striped circus tent, whose mechanical parts moved when you turned a small silver handle.

The walls inside the Mexican venue, Mezcal Cantina, were decorated with colourful skull motifs whilst phantoms circulated with deadly cocktails including Poison Apple Punch, Zombies Blood & Witches Brew.

The room was filled with large sumptuous pumpkins, which were soon transformed into grimacing gargoyles. First prize in our carving competition – why a year's supply of pumpkin pie, of course!