Mixed Media On Fabriano Paper, 70cm x 90cm
Incl. White Gloss Box Frame £2750.00

This unique, handmade artwork features vintage photographs, illustrations, books & games from the artist's own private collection of Circus memorabilia.

One of my earliest & fondest memories at School was being introduced to the work of artists Kurt Schwitters & Hannah Hoch. From that day onwards I was hooked. There's something about the contradictory nature of collage or photomontage that really floats my boat. I love the idea that you can be simultaneously destroying something old or unwanted in order to create something new & desirable.

This delicate piece represents every breathtaking performance I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. It is a celebration of every colourful Circus that I've run away with, if only just for a few hours. It is also an expression of my eternal gratitude for each & every customer who has passed through the doors of our little curiosity shop in Dalston.

Professor Wanderlust's jumbled, imaginarium scrapbook is a tribute to fellow pleasure seekers, night owls & live wires. It belongs to those who don't know their own strength, nor the depths of their imagination, until it is tested. Visitors to this extraordinary Circus should beware as trespassers, copy cats & pick pockets will be extinguished. 

Finally, those who are wondering about the inspiration behind its title, they need look no further than Major Chumleigh's Circus Generator.